Too Excited To Sleep?

Don’t Let Santa Steal Your Sleep This Holiday Season

How to sleep when you're excited for Christmas Santa Claus is coming to town! And that means many kids (and adults, too) are finding it hard to sleep from all the excitement of the holidays. This type of positive stress – eustress – keeps us excited about life’s adventures, like roller coasters and parties with friends.

For many, Santa’s annual visit is eustress. Follow these techniques to ensure a sleeping household when Santa sneaks down the chimney this Christmas Eve. Don’t let Santa make you too excited to sleep!

  1. Tire your body with exercise. For kids, plan a snow day complete with a snowball fight, snowman contest, and sledding. A day full of activity will help their bodies rest when heads hit the pillows.
  2. Take a warm bubble bath. Baths relieve tension and clear the mind – perfect for kids, or kids-at-heart.
  3. Turn off the TV and read. Grab your favorite Christmas story, cuddle up, and read aloud with your children. If the book excites them, turn on some calming music or white noise.
  4. Stick to the bedtime routine. Even with family in town, make sure to go to bed at the usual time, following all the normal bedtime rituals.
  5. For adults: Stressing about Christmas dinner, seeing the in-laws, or traveling to grandmother’s house? Try meditation or deep breathing to calm your racing mind.

With these tips, not a creature will be stirring on Christmas Eve – not even a mouse. As Santa says, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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how to sleep when excited

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