Dealing With Anxiety and Sleep

sleep anxiety treatmentMany of us are unable to sleep because of our racing mind or negative thoughts. Research has found that insomnia and anxiety are closely related. Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, anxiety can still be hurting your sleep.

Worrying about your sleep may cause sleeplessness. The Sleep Health Foundation says the main way to overcome anxious feelings about sleep is feeling relaxed and ready for bed. Here are some additional tips to help you relax your body and mind.

  • Use SomnologyMobileDoc to track your sleep patterns. If you do not use iOS, we recommend keeping a sleep journal. Log or write down the time you go to bed, how long it takes you to fall asleep, and how many times you wake up throughout the night.
  • Don’t stay in bed. Get up and move around. Staying in bed only allows you to continue to let your mind race and wonder why you can’t fall asleep. Dr. Steve Orma, psychologist and author of Stop Worrying and Go to Sleep: How to Put Insomnia to Bed for Good, says to give yourself 20 or 30 minutes to fall asleep before you get up.
  • Clear your mind, and write down your worries and thoughts. This brain dump will help you sleep, while keeping your track of your to-do list for the morning.
  • Don’t use alcohol as a sleep aid. Instead, take deep breaths or meditate to calm your mind.

Trying to relax is easier said than done, especially if you are a worrier. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America suggests directing your stress elsewhere, such as volunteering in your community or helping a family member or neighbor.

If you are still unable to sleep, talk to a medical professional. For insomnia and anxiety, treatment options include cognitive-behavior therapy and meditation.

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Use SomnologyMobileDoc to help you deal with anxiety and sleep tonight.

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