Advantages of Telemedicine

advantages of telemedicineIn this technology age, telemedicine is improving medical care by making it easier and more efficient to receive care in the comfort of your own home. More than 36 million Americans have used telemedicine in some way, according to US News. And the popularity is growing. Let’s explore the many advantages of telemedicine.

Telemedicine can provide primary care, specialist care, and patient monitoring through tablets, video, and smart phones. There are several advantages to this type of medical care, primarily convenience for both the patient and health care provider.

The patient can check in or monitor their health on their own time, without traveling to a clinic or hospital. The data is uploaded to the system for their doctor or specialist to see – and these providers can adjust the treatment at any time. For the patient, there’s no waiting time or travel time when using telemedicine, so they can guarantee a fast and efficient check-up at home.

Technology can be used anywhere – from rural or urban areas to developing countries where telemedicine could save lives. Expanding the reach of health care past the doctor’s office allows doctors to serve patients all over the world – including areas that have a shortage of health care providers or specialists for certain conditions. Telemedicine can also be used where military are stationed.

Telemedicine is also cost efficient for both the health care provider and patient. Studies show that telemedicine reduces the cost of healthcare for those managing chronic conditions because fewer hospital staff are used and the patient doesn’t have to travel outside the home for care.

Another advantage of telemedicine is allowing the patient to take ownership of tracking their health. Devices – like the Plex sleep scanner – send accurate data from the patient’s sleep to the patient’s phone or computer. The patient can monitor their sleep patterns, and share the results with the health care provider to see if treatment is necessary.

There’s no doubt that telemedicine is changing the way health care works and how patients can take an active role in their own health.

Note: Not all conditions can be monitored through telemedicine. There are conditions that require a face-to-face visit.

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