Importance of Sleep for College Students

Who’s one of the most sleep deprived populations? College students.

Importance of Sleep for College StudentsResearch shows that college students don’t get enough sleep. Between studying, social activities, and part-time jobs, college students struggle to find time to get the appropriate amount of rest.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends younger adults – ages 18-25 – should sleep about 7 to 9 hours a night. But college culture is keeping many students awake. Research has found many students go to sleep late and wake up early for classes or work without getting the proper amount of sleep to feel well-rested.

A study by a University of Michigan neurology professor, Shelley D. Hershner, found that 50 percent of college students report daytime sleepiness and 70 percent don’t get sufficient sleep. Hershner also found that lack of sleep can lead to lower grade point averages, increased risk of academic failure, impaired mood, and increased risk of car accidents. Although a direct link to sleep and GPA has yet to be found, sleep does impact concentration, memory, and ability to learn – three important factors for studying.

College students know that sleep is important to their academic success. A study by Chegg, a higher education company that specializes in textbook rentals, surveyed 473 college students on the topic of sleep. The survey found that students are pulling fewer all-nighters – staying up all night about 1 to 4 times in the past school year.

Students blame their lack of sleep on homework and the Internet – i.e. going online for entertainment. The surveyed students admitted to using their devices while in bed, right before falling asleep. College students should stop using technology before bed and stick to a sleep schedule for better sleep. A well-rested student can better focus and learn. More Zzzs get degrees.

College can also be a stressful time – especially for first-year college students. Get tips on dealing with stress and sleep here, and management of anxiety and sleep here. If you’re a college student looking to take an active role in improving your sleep for better academic performance, be sure to monitor your sleep regularly. Learn more about the Plex® Sleep Scanner home monitoring sleep system and Somnology’s app SomnologyMobileDoc to see how you can benefit from monitoring your sleep on a regular basis.

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