How to Break Bad Sleeping Habits

A good nights sleep is imperative to productive daytime activities. In fact, if you don’t get a good nights rest, you will certainly feel it the next day. If a sleepless cycle continues, it can lead to serious health risks. To break the cycle of bad sleep habits, analyze your evening routine to uncover things detrimental to sound sleep. To help, we’ve compiled a list of things you should avoid before bedtime:

Make it cool.  Keep your bedroom on the cool side, somewhere between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. As you sleep, your body temperature naturally drops as part of the sleep process. If the room is too hot, it can prevent the natural cooling in body temperature therefore, interrupting sleep with sweat or discomfort.

Tip:  Use room darkening curtains or shades to keep the room cool even during the day and shaded from street lights at night.

Turn it off. We all do it; fall asleep in front of the TV or computer screen. These devices emit low light that interrupts sleep with a constant glow. Power down all electronic devices or move them at least three feet away from the bed, or better yet, place them in another room. If you have your phone plugged in to charge, set the ringer to mute so late night notifications from Facebook are dinging on the nightstand.

Tip: Place your phone face down on the night stand.  As notifications pop up on the screen, you won’t be tempted to look.

Food-free zone. Steer clear of unhealthy snacks or large meals before bed. Your body needs time to digest food before you lie down or it can result in acid reflux or heart burn. Avoid food in the bedroom, the aroma of food will keep you awake and hungry.

Tip: If you must eat before bed, go for a bowl of cereal with milk. Both are rich in minerals and vitamins, like calcium which actually can promote sleep. 

Just say, ‘No’ to stimulants. Contrary to what many believe, alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine contain chemical compounds that prevent an uninterrupted night of sleep. Initially,  you may drift off to sleep easily, but once the compounds wear off, you’ll be wide awake.

Tip: Instead of caffeinated drinks in the evening, switch them out for a tall glass of water. This change promotes a good nights sleep and a healthy lifestyle choice.

Snooze, you lose. Get up when the alarm goes off! The best way to remedy the  temptation of the snooze button is to move your alarm across the room, forcing you out of bed and on your feet. Our bodies rely on sleep and a regular sleep schedule is imperative to good health, sharp intellect, and physical safety. On your days off, avoid binge sleeping; stay on track with a sleep routine that is consistent to your own rhythm.

Tip: Don’t use your phone as an alarm clock. Consider an electric or vintage wind-up alarm that you can see with a glance, rather than a phone that requires an action by you.

Sleep is a fundamental requirement of the body. We all need it and can’t live without it.  Are you getting enough sleep these days?  If you aren’t sure, try SomnologyMobileDoc and track your sleep patterns to determine whether you show symptoms of a sleep disorder or just bad sleep  habits. Learn more about sleep here.

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