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Sleep better with Somnology products.Somnology, Inc. is a business whose products focus on the monitoring of your sleep habits, in order for you to better understand your sleep patterns, and then make the necessary changes in order to optimize your sleep.

Mission Statement

Somnology, Inc. is dedicated to creating mobile, interactive solutions that empower you to get the best night’s sleep for your health and optimum performance.
Somnology, Inc. offers a family of devices, mobile and desktop applications, and clinical services all designed to achieve our mission in an integrated fashion.
Our mobile app SomnologyMobileDoc provides brief questionnaires to help users identify whether they may have a common sleep disorder, empowering you to track sleep disturbance patterns that may be shared with nearby sleep centers. The app contains a Sleep Logging tool and Reports to help track a user’s sleep patterns and progress, as well as Soundscapes and simple advice to assist users in their sleep programs. The app makes changing behavior—something inherently difficult for all of us!—more fun by offering users a point system, virtual store, and animal dream totems.
We are developing our own sleep tracking wearable device called the Plex® Sleep Scanner. This device uses sensors with healthcare accuracy and reliability that measure not only sleep behaviors, but also breathing patterns, pulse, and oxygen levels during sleep. When the data are compiled, we are able to give users a comprehensive snapshot of their sleep and breathing patterns. The device can be used to bring real-time information to users and their doctors regarding sleep disturbances. May be used also as a treatment monitoring tool to ensure compliance with treatment plans.


Key points

  • Somnology products are developed by a practicing sleep specialist.
  • The Plex® Sleep Scanner uses sensors with healthcare accuracy and reliability.
  • Data collected by the Plex® Sleep Scanner are analyzed using proprietary algorithms to give users real answers about their sleep behaviors.
  • The Plex® Sleep Scanner is designed to be the only wearable device geared for people with both trouble sleeping as well as snoring.
  • Somnology products are designed for those seeking new information about their sleep.
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