The SomnologyMD App for iOS and Android.
All your sleep reports and data at your fingertips.

SomnologyMD (Mobile Doc) was created to help people with sleep disorders such as snoring disturbance and insomnia.
Many people suffer from these problems but may not have access to the help they need.

SomnologyMD asks questions about your sleep and, based on your answers, determines whether you show signs or symptoms of common sleep disorders. You can store your answers on the sleep tracking app and share them later with your provider. You can use these questionnaires to start a discussion with your provider about your sleep issues so that they can determine whether you need treatment and, if so, what type of treatment. SomnologyMD also includes several recommendations that guide you to better sleep. Our goal is to help increase the quality of your sleep in meaningful and lasting ways.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed by a practicing physician and sleep specialist
  • Analyzes answers to real questionnaires used by sleep specialists and points to possible diagnoses
  • Focuses on Insomnia and Obstructive Sleep Apnea – together, these common problems account for the vast majority of sleep problems treated by sleep specialists
  • Helps users locate local sleep centers and connect with leading sleep specialists
  • Easy-to-use sleep log to monitor daily sleep behavior
  • Encourages you to change your sleep behaviors to feel and perform your best
  • Privacy guarantee – no selling of identifiable information to third parties without your consent
  • Free – no risk to try