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Congratulations to Sanda C. of Florida, the winner of the Fitbit and Somnology Prize!


  • Last day to enter is August 25th.
  • One entry per Email address
  • Additional entries can be earned when someone enters through your referral link (up to 25 additional entries)
  • Winner will be selected at random
  • Somnology will contact the selected winner via Email to obtain a mailing address and shirt size. The winner will have 3 days to respond with their information or will forfeit their prize and we will select a new winner. This process will continue until we receive a response within the 3-day window. Once we have confirmed a winner, we will announce the winner on this page. 
  • The winner will be sent a teal Flex Fitbit, SomnologyMobileDoc Sleep Mask, Somnology T-Shirt and mug.

mobiel sleep appSomnology is proudly partnered with Fitbit, a top of the line fitness tracker. In addition to counting steps and recording activities, Fitbit also gathers information on users sleeping behaviors. This is where SomnologyMobileDoc comes in. Fitbit can integrate with our App SomnologyMobileDoc to provide you with more detailed reporting and analysis of your sleep patterns. SomnologyMobileDoc was developed by a sleep physician to help individuals track their sleep patterns and help identify sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea (to be used in conjunction with your sleep doctor). The app also provides helpful sleep information, tips, meditative sleep sounds, and more. Learn more about how SomnologyMobileDoc integrates with FitBit here.

Looking for an even better way to monitor your sleep?

Keep an eye out for the release of our newest product, The Plex® Sleep Scanner Unlike the Fitbit that focuses on exercise, the Plex is designed specifically for sleep monitoring to gather detailed data and provide reports to users by monitoring breathing patterns, pulse, and oxygen levels during sleep. The Plex uses medical grade sensors and has an elegant and simple design. You will soon be able to get accurate and comprehensive measurements of your sleep behavior and breathing patterns with the Plex! The Plex will also integrate with the SomnologyMobileDoc app for easy access to your reports. 

home sleep monitoring system

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