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1) Pick one of your sleep totems from your My Sleep Profile page Virtual Night Stand as your alarm clock buddy.

placeit (12)

2) Press the Owl at the bottom of the My Sleep Profile page. This takes you to the Log Sleep page:

sleep log screen 2

3) Edit your alarm time, sound, and days of the week, then press save:

sleep log screen 3

4) Back on the Log Sleep page, use the MSD alarm to help you log your sleep (alternatively, you may log your sleep data manually every morning by pressing the “Log Sleep” button):

  • Press the “I’m getting into bed” button when you get into bed.
  • Press the “I’m getting out of bed” button when you get out of bed.

MobileSleep Doc will then ask you:

  • “How long did it take you to fall asleep?”
  • “How long did you lie in bed before rising?”

MobileSleepDoc will then ask you about your awakenings:

Once you are done logging information about your awakenings, click on “Log it” at the top right corner of the Awakenings screen, then you are done!

sleep log screen 4

sleep log screen 5

sleep log screen 6

5) You will then get a snap shot of your sleep data from the previous night, plus 5 stars in your collection to spend in the Store:

sleep log screen 7