The Plex™ in 360

Designed by a physician, in conjunction with experts in design, engineering, and software processing of big data. The Plex® Sleep Scanner:
  • Monitors breathing patterns, pulse, and oxygen levels during sleep
  • Uses sensors with healthcare accuracy and reliability
  • Elegant and simple design
  • Accurate and comprehensive measurements of your sleep behavior and breathing patterns
  • Integrates with a proprietary sleep app, MobileSleepDoc Pro

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Access Your Data

The Plex® Sleep Scanner integrates with a proprietary sleep app, MobileSleepDoc Pro. Use the app to control the device, sync data with scoring servers, and read the results—right on your phone! Learn more about the MobileSleepDoc Pro App.

MobileSleepDoc Pro App

Reasons why monitoring your sleep patterns is important (and these are just a handful!):

We don’t sleep the same way every night,
so a single snapshot of your sleep may miss important information.
If you were trying a program such as weight loss or side-sleeping,
you could track improvements in your sleep patterns.
If you decided to keep a regular schedule and make other changes in your bedtime routine,
you could track your improvement in sleep efficiency and continuity.
If your health status changed or you were started on new medications,
you could monitor yourself for changes in sleep patterns.