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2019’s Daylight Savings Time Kicks Off National Sleep Awareness Week

A Groundhog Early Spring Before we get into sleep awareness, here’s a fun story. The Accuracy of Punxsutawney Phil: The...

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sleep and stress

Too Stressed to Sleep? Here are 5 Ways Stress Affects Your Sleep

Stress is one of the top causes of insomnia. When stress causes you to have trouble sleeping, your health will...

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New Year’s Resolutions: How To Achieve Better Sleep Habits

A vast majority of “typical” New Year’s resolutions are directed toward improving our health: exercise more, eat better, lose ten...

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How Holiday Activities Affect Your Sleep

With the holiday season underway it’s important to have a plan for maintaining optimal health during this particularly indulgent time...

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3 Ways to Sleep Better in a New Time Zone

Are you moving to a new time zone or travel frequently for work? The body works on a 24-hour cycle,...

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Taking Sleep Out of the Dark with MLB Player Mike Napoli

A few weeks ago the MLB season came to a wrap as the Boston Red Sox celebrated their World Series...

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somnology app

SomnologyMD: How it Works

The new Somnology app, SomnologyMD, is interactive and designed for the user, meaning when a new user signs in, they...

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college sleep deprivation

Time to Awaken to the College Sleep Deprivation Epidemic

The College Sleep Epidemic A staggering number of college students throughout the country are chronically sleep deprived, at the expense...

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sleep and relationships

How Does Sleep Affect Your Relationships

Sleep is important to your health and relationships. Couples share a bed as a way to feel connected. However, if...

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