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Daylight and Productivity

Daylight and It’s Influence on Productivity

Why is it so much harder to wake up in the morning without daylight? Not only is sunlight more inspiring...

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Pets impact sleep

How Pets Impact Sleep

Does your best friend have fur? If so, like millions of other Americans you know the joys and drawbacks of...

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PTSD and sleep

PTSD and How it Can Affect Your Sleep

Case Study: Albert Smith Albert is a 32-year-old US veteran who spent three years fighting in Iraq in the early...

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daylight savings time sleep problems

Daylight Savings Time Sleep Problems

A Groundhog Early Spring Before we get into sleep awareness, here’s a fun story. The Accuracy of Punxsutawney Phil: The...

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3 Ways to Sleep Better in a New Time Zone

Are you moving to a new time zone or travel frequently for work? The body works on a 24-hour cycle,...

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how to choose bed sheets

How to Choose Bed Sheets for A Great Night’s Sleep

Pick the right material. Natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, or linen are ideal to wick away perspiration. For hot summer...

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sleep and relationships

How Does Sleep Affect Your Relationships

Sleep is important to your health and relationships. Couples share a bed as a way to feel connected. However, if...

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seasons and sleep

How Seasons Can Affect Your Sleep

The natural touch. Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the pineal gland, located just above the center of the...

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sleep environment

What You Can do to Your Sleep Environment to Insure a Good Night’s Sleep

Keep it clean. For those who suffer from year-round allergies like dust and pollen, a clean sleep environment is critical...

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