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sleep tracking devices

Innovations in Technology and Telemedicine

The health care system in the United States has become extremely inefficient and needs significant reform, according to a recent...

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sleep scanner

Not Just Another Tracker

The Plex® Sleep Scanner Ushers in the Next Generation Of Sleep Monitoring The market is flush with wearable fitness trackers...

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reasons for sleep monitoring

5 Reasons to Monitor Your Sleep

Everybody loves a good night of rest. Sleep is an important part of anyone’s daily life. Sleep helps the brain...

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Sleep monitoring device benefits

Wearable Sleep Monitor Device Benefits

Wearable sleep monitors can help you better track your sleep. Ever wonder if you’re getting a restful sleep each night?...

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telemedicine advantages

Advantages of Telemedicine

In this technology age, telemedicine is improving medical care by making it easier and more efficient to receive care in...

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home sleep study

How To Run A Home Sleep Study

A home sleep study provides useful information on a person’s sleeping habits and can detect problems like sleep apnea. The...

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health monitoring device

Home Health Monitoring Devices

With technology, the opportunities in health care are endless. Home health monitoring – the use of technology and telecommunication to...

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man asleep at the workplace

Workplace Wellness Programs: Why Your Company Should Have One

A healthy worker makes for a healthy company. Many companies are realizing the overall health of their employees betters their...

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wearable technology for sleep disorders

Wearable Technology and Sleep Disorders

By Melissa S. Lim, M.D., FAASM The wearable technology market was a $20 billion dollar market in 2015 and is...

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