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Travel Season Edition: Driving While Tired

Summer is in sight, and more Americans are vacationing this time of year than any other. That means more road...

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somnology app

How the SomnologyMD App Works

The new Somnology app, SomnologyMD, is interactive and designed for the user, meaning when a new user signs in, they...

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sleeping too much

Oversleeping – Can You Sleep too Much?

Can You Sleep too Much: Oversleeping is just as harmful as not enough sleep Oversleeping – getting too much sleep...

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sleep for athletes

How Sleep Helps Your Athletic Performance

Want to compete in the Olympics? Get some sleep! What’s the secret to training and competing like a pro-athlete? The...

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college students do not get enough sleep

Importance of Sleep for College Students

Who’s one of the most sleep deprived populations? College students. Research shows that college students don’t get enough sleep. Between...

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sleep scanner

Not Just Another Tracker

The Plex® Sleep Scanner Ushers in the Next Generation Of Sleep Monitoring The market is flush with wearable fitness trackers...

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reasons for sleep monitoring

5 Reasons to Monitor Your Sleep

Everybody loves a good night of rest. Sleep is an important part of anyone’s daily life. Sleep helps the brain...

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Sleep monitoring device benefits

Wearable Sleep Monitor Device Benefits

Wearable sleep monitors can help you better track your sleep. Ever wonder if you’re getting a restful sleep each night?...

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my partner snores

What To Do If Your Partner Snores

For millions of people, snoring is a common occurrence. They get into a deep sleep and begin to exhibit the...

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