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How to break bad sleep habits

How to Break Bad Sleeping Habits

A good nights sleep is imperative to productive daytime activities. In fact, if you don’t get a good nights rest,...

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jet lag sleep

3 Ways to Improve Jet Lag Sleep

Jet lag throws off the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, also known as the circadian rhythm. The body is still synchronized...

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Car accidents were reported more frequently by men than women and usually occurred in people who were employed.

Sleep and Accidents

It’s important to get enough sleep for a variety of reasons, including your physical and mental health. People generally require seven...

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yoga for better sleep

Exercise for Insomnia: 5 Exercises That Lead to a Good Night’s Sleep

For many people, sleeping is a challenge, but often rest comes much easier after a little exercise. It’s a proven...

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sleep apnea genetics

Is Sleep Apnea Hereditary?

We inherit a lot from our parents and other family members. For example, we can inherit our eye color from...

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how does menopause affect sleep

Sleep and Your Heart

New Research Suggests Link Between Poor Sleep and Atrial Fibrillation Sleep problems including sleeping too little or too long, along...

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sleeping too much

Oversleeping – Can You Sleep too Much?

Can You Sleep too Much: Oversleeping is just as harmful as not enough sleep Oversleeping – getting too much sleep...

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quality sleep

The Importance of Sleep Quality

Sleep quality impacts health Quality sleep – a deep sleep without disruption – is necessary to keep you healthy and...

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sleep for athletes

How Sleep Helps Your Athletic Performance

Want to compete in the Olympics? Get some sleep! What’s the secret to training and competing like a pro-athlete? The...

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