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SomnologyMobileDoc was created to help people with sleep disorders such as snoring disturbance and insomnia. Many people suffer from these problems but may not have access to the help that they need.
SomnologyMobileDoc asks questions about your sleep and, based on your answers, determines whether you show signs or symptoms of common sleep disorders. You can store your answers on the app and share them later with your provider. You can use these questionnaires to start a discussion with your provider about your sleep issues so that they can determine whether you need treatment and, if so, what type of treatment. SomnologyMobileDoc also includes several recommendations that guide you to better sleep. Our goal is to help increase the quality of your sleep in meaningful and lasting ways.

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The Plex sleep scanner Shed light on your breathing patterns while you sleep.

Reasons why monitoring your sleep patterns is important (and these are just a handful!):

We don’t sleep the same way every night,
so a single snapshot of your sleep may miss important information.
If you were trying a program such as weight loss or side-sleeping,
you could track improvements in your sleep patterns.
If you decided to keep a regular schedule and make other changes in your bedtime routine,
you could track your improvement in sleep efficiency and continuity.
If your health status changed or you were started on new medications,
you could monitor yourself for changes in sleep patterns.

Features Benefits
Interactive and personalized Analyzes answers to real questionnaires used by sleep specialists and points to possible diagnoses
Designed by a practicing physician and sleep specialist Contains questionnaires, educational information, and treatments used in clinical practice
Focuses on Insomnia and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Together, these common problems account for the vast majority of sleep problems treated by sleep specialists
Locate closest sleep centers [Coming Soon] Tells you where to find sleep centers close to you on a map, so you can get more help
Easy-to-use manual Sleep Log Allows user to easily monitor daily sleep behavior and eliminates need for paper-based logs
Extensive array of Sleep Reports are included Sleep Reports are free (no premium pricing needed since reports are included in the app)
Syncs with Fitbit Fitbit users can access their Fitbit data directly from the app, and their Fitbit data populate SomnologyMobileDoc reports accurately
Rewards Program: Earn points for keeping daily sleep logs, and spend points on Animal Dream Totems and Exclusive SoundScapes Encourages you to change your sleep behaviors to feel and perform your best
Adorable Animal Dream Totems Collect them all and keep them on your virtual night stand!
Extensive and exclusive Soundscapes Contains library of meditations and music to help you relax enough to fall asleep. New soundscapes recorded exclusively for SomnologyMobileDoc to be added regularly
Privacy guarantee No selling of identifiable information to third parties without your consent

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