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Untreated sleep disorders can present major health risks, affecting both individuals and companies alike.

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The current wait time for a sleep center visit could be up to 180 days

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~70 million people in the US are affected by sleep disorders

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Short-term risks such as accidents, low performance, headaches, mood disorders, and absence from work

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Only ~7,500 board-certified sleep physicians in the US

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Long-term risks such as heart disease, stroke, dementia,
diabetes, cancer, and obesity

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Patients are hooked up to uncomfortable devices and asked to sleep normally in a foreign bed while someone monitors

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These sleep test results only reflect that one night, and
do not capture the dynamic nature of a patient’s sleep character

Welcome to SLaaS®

Somnology has developed the Sleep Lab as a Service (SLaaS®) platform to make sleep tracking and analysis a breeze for end users. Our patented algorithms assist sleep specialists in diagnosis and provide useful, actionable insights to individuals. The goal is to help individuals live better and healthier, and improve personal and professional performance.

Somnology is a digital sleep therapeutics company focused on optimizing health. Our curated medical-grade devices, mobile app, and web platform work together to provide detailed sleep reports for our certified specialists to interpret with confidence. Your health data and telehealth meetings with our clinical team are encrypted to ensure HIPAA-compliance.

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Ease of Use

Designed by a practicing physician and sleep specialist, the Somnology app is a simple and intuitive way to log your sleep and receive reports.

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Data for You

The easy-to-read comprehensive daily sleep report provides an accurate representation of your sleep character. These reports are accessible via our website or app.

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Sleep Specialists at Hand

With SLaaS®, it is easy to schedule a telehealth consultation with a board-certified sleep specialist. Experienced and knowledgeable sleep health advisors are ready to discuss your concerns.

The SomnologyMD App

  • Access detailed data in sleep reports
  • HIPAA compliant: all collected data are treated with high security and encryption
  • Constantly updated useful sleep resources
  • Schedule telehealth meetings with sleep specialists

Market Appeal

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Performance Readiness
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The market demand for Somnology’s sleep tracking platform and technologies encompass diverse industries, with a special appeal to those in the medical, transportation, and personal health sectors.

Today, Somnology and our clinical team, under the direction of our Chief Medical Officer, serve veterans in all 50 states and the 130,000 members of the Health Plan of San Mateo.

Insurance Credentialing

Somnology is an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF), and is currently credentialed by the following insurance companies and health plan networks:

Who We Are

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Somnology is a forward-thinking, digital healthcare company whose platform of integrated sleep services and monitoring data is designed to inform patients, care providers, healthcare payors and employers alike with actionable information to improve health outcomes. Our core value is to keep the patient at the center of our priorities, and our shared purpose is to proactively guide patients through their sleep care journey.

Somnology is led by a globally recognized board certified sleep physician, Dr. Melissa Lim, and a team of experienced professionals and highly specialized medical clinicians.