Manage your sleep disturbance with a personalized sleep assistant at your fingertips

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Somnology : The Study of Sleep

Somnology, Inc. is the Premier enterprise in the illumination and tracking of sleep patterns. We not only want to help you sleep, we want to improve the quality of your sleep. Using real-time mobile technology Somnology provides the user immediate insight into and relief of their sleep disruptions in order to gain a productive, restful sleep.
Somnology, Inc. offers a family of devices, mobile and desktop applications, and clinical services all designed and developed by a practicing sleep specialist to provide meaningful information and resolve a user’s sleep disturbance(s). These sleep tracking products are designed for those seeking new information about their sleep, as well as for those who want to track their sleep patterns. The Plex sleep scanner and MobileSleepDoc Pro App are useful for BOTH insomnia and possible abnormal breathing patterns.

Mission Statement

Reasons why monitoring your sleep patterns is important (and these are just a handful!):

We don’t sleep the same way every night,
so a single snapshot of your sleep may miss important information.
If you were trying a program such as weight loss or side-sleeping,
you could track improvements in your sleep patterns.
If you decided to keep a regular schedule and make other changes in your bedtime routine,
you could track your improvement in sleep efficiency and continuity.
If your health status changed or you were started on new medications,
you could monitor yourself for changes in sleep patterns.
If you were already on a program for sleep such as CPAP or a dental device,
you could check for stability over time.

MobileSleepDoc Pro App

Manage your sleep disturbance with a personalized sleep assistant at your fingertips.

MobileSleepDoc Pro was created to help people with sleep issues such as snoring and insomnia. Many people suffer from these problems but may not have access to the help that they need. MobileSleepDoc Pro asks questions about your sleep and, based on your answers, determines whether you show signs or symptoms of common sleep disorders.

Features Benefits
Interactive and personalized Analyzes answers to real questionnaires used by sleep specialists and points to possible diagnoses
Designed by a practicing physician and sleep specialist Contains questionnaires, educational information, and treatments used in clinical practice
Focuses on Insomnia and abnormal sleeping patterns Together, these common problems account for the vast majority of sleep problems treated by sleep specialists

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Who We Are

sleep specialist

Melissa S. Lim, M.D., FAASM

Listed in the San Francisco Magazine as one of the Bay Area’s Top Doctors for Pulmonary Diseases

CMO and Co-Founder. Medical Director and Founder of Redwood Pulmonary Medical Associates. Dr. Lim is board certified in internal medicine, pulmonary diseases, and sleep medicine. Dr. Lim earned her medical degree at the Ohio State University College of Medicine.

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sleep specialist

Patrick Yam

CEO, Chairman, and Co-Founder of Somnology, Inc. Patrick joined founder Dr. Melissa Lim in early 2015 to build a premier sleep monitoring device enterprise assisting a global population afflicted with sleep disorders. Prior to teaming with Dr. Lim he was the CEO of Sensei Partners LLC, a Menlo Park, CA based private investment firm.

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