Welcome to our platform – SLaaS® (Sleep Lab as a Service)

Somnology works with enterprise clients in providing care to those affected by sleep disorders by offering SLaaS® a turn-key sleep service beginning with a sleep assessment, followed by accurate monitoring of your sleep character, and concluding with sleep services and coaching via telehealth. SLaaS® is a premier sleep model which provides a pathway in assisting you to assess your sleeping habits and manage sleep disorders. Compared to the current “gold standard,” early results indicate that Somnology’s medical grade ‘Sleep Lab as a Service’ (SLaaS®) can deliver a significant reduction in costs and time.


Somnology can provide an accurate initial sleep assessment in a fraction of the time to today’s prolonged wait for a sleep test. The initial assessment Somnology provides is reflective of the quality care and concern for its employee’s health. Somnology includes with our assessment a sleep report and a telehealth session.


Our platform encompasses the use of various technologies including our SomnologyMD app to provide a way to accurately monitor your sleep character. These technologies allow users to maintain continuous monitoring and a preventive mean to safeguard against the development of health maladies. This helps companies maintain or increase employee health and productivity.

Telehealth Advising

Many affected by sleep disorders are interested in additional sleep care. For those interested in taking a further step towards a better night’s sleep, Somnology offers telehealth options. Through telehealth, Somnology’s sleep team can readily provide assistance. In the hands of our experienced and knowledgeable sleep advisors, you can go to bed with comfort and confidence that your sleep disorders have been provided premier attention with corrective suggestions.

Somnology Physician Network

Through the advanced ability of Somnology’s assessment tools, one’s sleep character can be directly transmitted to their physician for diagnosis and treatment. Somnology can also provide a referral to a board-certified sleep physician who is a member of Somnology’s Physician Network to address your medical sleep needs.