Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where do I go for help?

Please direct any further questions to

If you are a veteran or part of our US Service Member program, please see further information below.


How can I enroll my company in SLaaS®?

To enroll your company in SLaaS®, your HR director should reach out to us via email at

How can I get a SomnoRing®?

To obtain a SomnoRing®, you must either be referred by your primary care physician (PCP) or acquire it through your company’s SLaaS® package.

US Service Members

I am a Veteran. How can I enroll?

If interested in joining Somnology’s US Service Members program, please reach out to your QTC advisor for guidance.

How long will it take me to receive my sleep study kit?

Sleep study kits are shipped via FedEx from CleveMed, a partner company assisting in the process. Your kit should arrive in 2-6 business days after your appointment, and tracking information will be provided via text from CleveMed.

When should I wear my testing device after receiving it?

Please wear the testing device within 3 days of receiving it. Failure to do so may affect your claim.

How long should I wear my testing device?

Only one night of testing is necessary. If needed, each device can be worn for a second night of testing. An extra battery is included in your test kit for this purpose.

How do I return my testing kit?

Mail the testing device back to CleveMed through the US postal service (USPS) with the provided return shipping envelope on the day following your sleep study. Note that the device return is not via FedEx, the carrier for the initial delivery.

How do I receive my results?

QTC will forward your sleep report to the VA / Medical Officer for your records once your claim has been finalized. The VA should reach out to you about your results.

Who do I contact if I have an issue?

If you have a technical issue or lost your return envelope, contact CleveMed at 844-753-3709 or email

If your claim has been finalized and you are awaiting your results, contact the VA by calling 1-800-827-1000 and ask for “health benefit advisors” to see if your report is available for review and to check on the status of your claim. Additional resources are available on the VA Medical Records, Veterans Benefits Administration, and VA Claim Status websites.

Other questions may be covered in our “What Happens Next” page.

I would like additional treatment or follow-up care.

If you would like to seek treatment and follow-up care for your sleep disorder with the clinical team at RPMA, please call (650) 367-5636 to make an appointment. Dr. Lim holds a medical license in over 30 states and her team may be able to accept you as a patient, depending on your insurance.

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