IDTF Scalability

Millions of Americans across the nation suffer from sleep disorders, but the limited number of board-certified sleep specialists and accredited sleep centers prevent many from obtaining the treatment they need. Because insufficient sleep can increase the risk of numerous chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, it is paramount that patients are able to see sleep specialists in a timely manner. There is no way for few sleep centers to provide services to a disproportionate amount of patients, thus Somnology IDTF offers a solution.

Somnology Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility is an alternative to the standard treatment provided via doctor’s office or hospital. Somnology IDTF brings sleep care to patients directly using accessible telemedicine. With this treatment model, patient wait times decrease and turn-around becomes more efficient. Patients can be tested and evaluated for sleep disorders in just 14 days92% faster than typical treatment. In addition, Somnology IDTF bears the distinction of conveniently offering follow-up care to its patients.

The discrepancy between the number of certified sleep specialists and persons suffering from sleep disorders creates a treatment gap wherein care is not provided to everyone who needs it. This growing need for sleep medicine necessitates a solution that is similarly expandable. Somnology IDTF offers just that: a scalable sleep treatment model that brings care to those who otherwise could not access it.

If you or your patient is interested in a referral to Somnology IDTF, visit here for more information or contact director Rachelle Balmediano.

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