COVID-19 and Sleep

Jan 13, 2021 | Anxiety+Stress, Blog, Health, Insomnia

Coronasomnia” is a term highlighting the insomnia brought on by our pandemic-related anxieties. Whether it’s health concerns for yourself and loved ones, rocky finances, restricted travel, missing human connection and group experiences, or a cocktail of the above; the virus has directly and indirectly seeped into many aspects of our life and sleep is no exception.

Melatonin, your brain’s sleep hormone, has had doctors buzzing over a promising link between its secretions and healing from or preventing Covid-19. However, just like vitamin C, vitamin D, Zinc, mystery herbs from Madagascar, and the Keto diet; melatonin is not a cure-all for the virus.

Research suggests that melatonin is less of a critical health factor than the improved sleep it provides. Good sleep is a powerful weapon for our immune system. Rejuvenating sleep helps nerve and brain cells communicate effectively, making it easier for the body to recover more quickly and control/strengthen its defenses against transmission.

Our reality is, harmful sleep conditions continue to rise as lockdowns and restrictions roll into 2021. With more medical professionals exploring the link between a strong immune system and increasing our chances of fending off the virus, the issue of established sleep routines has been cropping up as a key factor of immune-defense.

Yet, establishing such routines in the face of the concerns listed in the second sentence of this article can seem a towering mountain to climb alone. Tech has largely been seen as a roadblock to restful and effective sleep but we have a mission to use it differently.

A SomnoRing™ can help monitor your sleep patterns to get the facts around how many hours you typically sleep, whether or not you wake up during the night, and how long your REM cycles last. This information provides a glimpse into how much you’re truly helping your body be its best and fend off this virus (in addition to many other health maladies).

Hand sanitizer and face masks are two proven methods of protection, but a rounded defense against COVID-19 should also include power-packed sleep to bolster your immune system. We’re happy to discuss the next steps in helping you secure better sleep.